Monday, April 9, 2012

"It's going to be a beautiful day" and other wonders of the western world

This is my second blog in two days!  Don't get too excited :)  Besides, I'm sure I'll make up for it by not blogging for another few months after this little spurt is over.  Anyway, wanted to share with you all a little free verse poem I just did.  There's a song in there somewhere, but for now:

“It’s going to be a beautiful day”
the hope of something not yet seen
but with quiet confidence I hold it
calmly, irrationally
with little fear of its running
it’s capnip’d cat, yet here I sit
you see, butterflies might entice it to leap
from me
to the lap of some new love
or, sadder still, away

and as the chrysalis splits,
I claim my life again
not the unperturbed balance
unwavering serenity
claimed by many, held by few
but the tension between passion
and control, that god of man
where life is “Yes!”
against not “no” but “perhaps”
that sink of dreams
you won’t take me down
It’s going to be a beautiful day.

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