Saturday, February 26, 2011

Balance & Perfectionism

When I was younger, if something needed to be done, I sat down and got it done; I simply took the fully-focused time I needed and accomplished the task, often without ceasing.  When I was able to sit back and call things complete I could move on to other things (like eating).  Life doesn't really move that way for me anymore. Kids, a job, and other responsibilities now tend to break up my time.  There's a part of me that misses that put the 5 disc changer on shuffle and go until well after midnight mentality, but there's another part that smiles slightly when I realize that I probably just took three times as long as I needed simply because I could.  In the corporate world that might be called gold-plating; the question is whether it's worth it to you to have half as many gold plated things as you might have in pewter.  I'm not wise enough to know, but I'd guess that ideally you'd have a little of both.

You may have figured out that I'm a perfectionist.  It's true; I have spent over two hours writing a single email and three days on something my wife would have finished in an hour or two.  The issue with perfectionism is that you're never really satisfied.  So, I ask again, where is the line after which you should call it good enough?  I see so many people drawing that line in so many places; I look at some and cringe at the mediocrity while I look at my son and find myself having to help him through many areas where he has developed a paralyzing fear of imperfection.

So, in the spirit of things (and I'm told it's time to go to bed), I will call this blog complete.  Well, at least finished.  :)

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